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  Born in Beijing, China’s political capital, cultural center and economic hub, and nurtured in a well-cultured family and an empowering community, I have developed a meaningful outlook on lie. I identify myself with such values that one gives meaning to life when one lives to give. Success stories of my parents , relatives and friends along their career-path have entrenched my belief in being independent and confident as a contributing memeber of the community.

  As I look back on early days of my schooling , I am just as grateful to my working parents for having sent me to one of the best boarding schools in Beijing where I received quality primary education and learned to appreciate independence. As I recall , being independent was probably the biggest asset I gained as a teenager with the absence of parental guardianship for most of those 6 years. After I upgraded to secondary school, I offered to go to school by bike. Though hesitant at first, my parents gave their well-thought-out consent to the 15-km ride average Chinese parents would simply veto in the first place given the “one-child policy”and subsequent “little emperors” pampered by parents and grandparents. Thankfully, that day-to-day routine bike trip,rain or sunshine,tempered my strong character. I have been holding myself to highest standards, academically and physically from primary school days

  through to college life. I have grown up all these years amongst top cohorts and have been exposed to varied horizons and dimensions of school life in and outside of classroom. I am perfectly healthy and stong with a sharp mind and demonstrated commitment to teamwork. I was handpicked to play for school baseball team when I was in primary school. Back then, my proven leadership and excellent skills in the field assured my coach that I was born to be a team leader. And I did justice to his well-timed appointment by heading a team of Beijing to compete in Shanghai and Hong Kong several times. And the strong track record of out outstanding performances each time still fills me with pride and excitement today. During one match tour to Hong Kong in the 1990s, I was immediatel exposed to the enviable luxury and prosperity of the city,the dynamic economic center of Asia. That trip awakened me ,for the first time, to the value of wealth and finance. And it was that very journey to the thriving metropolis that shaped my ambition to be a financer.

  Years later,when the colleg entrance exam came,that moment of life and death for most of senior high school students in China,my top preference was Finance Colllege of Beijing Technology and Business Unversity. The result came as a sad surprise as I was admitted to Computer Science College instead. But I stuck with my dream major and decided to minor in finance. I have since worked hard to equip myself with systematic knowledge of finance. As a result , I amd now well on my

  way to graduation with double degrees in both computer science and finance in 2012.

  During my college days,I led my cohorts in starting up a micro company as I dabbled into the real business world. We settled for newspaper as our maiden attempt.. As a new horn,I took a hands-on approach, from editing to circulating, from cost control to market survey. My strong leadership and sunergy of the entire team kept this mini organization going pretty well in its infancy. Yet inexperience in operation and cost management led to a failed business in the end. But I saw the silver lining in the failed venture. I now know more about where I need to work on. When I was a little boy, my parents taught me how to manage money in the safest way. They helped me put my pocket money in the bank and get interest as a return. Now, as a grown-up already,I recognize that systematic learning and book knowledge can truely help me know how much more about what finance is all about. Naturally, as one’s knowledge about swimming increases, the desire to swim in the sea grows. Yet, with more academic exposure, I have come to realize how I am ill-equipped with the knowledge needed to stay afloat in the trubulent sea of finance. That self-conscious humbleness versus the profundiy of finance as a much-respected discipline has led me to opt for further study in the US,home to a number of world-class colleges of finance.

  After meticulous comparision and cross-checking, I have settled for

  Clark University,the birthplace of the first-ever graduate school in the US. I trust that demanding academic standards here and ,best of all ,great mastermind of finance that Clark can offer will undoubtedly broaden my horizon and update my vision as financier of the future. To me,Clark is the best and right place that can surely make the difference, academically and professionally alike. I am more than anxious to embrace those best minds in Clark and contribute my humble part to its huge wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas. I am therefore very much looking forward to a positive reply from Clark, my dream campus. May that offer come just in time for my journey towards a rewading learning experience in one of the greatest colleges in the US.


  My preparation for your programme has been expansive and thorough. First, I have a solidbackground in xxx and xxx. Second, during my undergraduate years, I joined a club called xxxwith the focus on xxx. Our projects dealt with xxx, and other xxx. My work outside the campus,in job placements through xxx university, granted me excellent opportunities for real-worldexperience.

  While exploring the possibility of graduate-level work, I discovered that my interests are perfectlymatched with your programme. My interest in xxx, especially, was piqued during my xxx class.The aspects of the xxx fascinated me and made me long to supervise a large project in this fieldone day. Although I realise my current limitations, my whole-hearted enthusiasm, combined withguidance from your exceptional faculty, will carry me through the rigors of studying and forge meinto an expert xxx after the one/two year master course and the subsequent Ph.D. course.

  译文:为了在此专业深造,我做了非常广泛和彻底的准备。首先,我在xxx领域有非常扎实的背景。另外,在我本科学习期间,我加入到一个xxx俱乐部,专注于 xxx。我们项目处理一些xxx。我在校外xx大学的工作也使我得到了宝贵的实践机会。

  当我在做本科水平工作的探索时,我发现我的兴趣和你们的项目非常相配。我的兴趣是xxx,特别令我着迷的是xxx课程。我沉迷于xxx方面的问题,这使得我 渴望成为这一领域的专家。虽然我了解到我现在的局限性,但是我相信我所有的热情,加上您学校对我的才能指导,将带领我通过严格的学习并且在两年硕士课程和 之后的博士课程将带领我进入到xxx领域。


  A desirable career should be the one where people lay their passions and interests, and meanwhile this career should be able to widen their visions, enrich their lives and ultimately fulfill their aspirations to realize life values. The legal profession, I reckon, is the ideal career in line with all my life pursuit. Currently, with my undergraduate study approaching the end, I would like to apply for further study in your LL.M. program to enrich my knowledge base and build up my critical thinking skills to prepare myself to launch a successful legal career.

  My undergraduate study in Minzu University of China has proved to be fruitful and colorful. As a self-motivated student, I have spared no pains to equip myself with specialist knowledge and practical skills. Thanks to my unremitting efforts, I have built a firm academic grounding about jurisprudence, criminal law, civil law, commercial law and etc, and scored an exemplary average score of 89.5%, ranking me the first in the whole grade comprised of about 100 students. Moreover, by frequently attending the moot courts and drafting a range of legal documents, I significantly harnessed my verbal and writing skills, and gradually sharpened my insight into China’s judicial system. Furthermore, I have double majored in English, and thereby greatly improved my English proficiency, which enabled me to effectively acquire the knowledge pertaining to international economic law, international law, international private law, and so forth, and thereby consolidated my resolution to pursue further study in a programme which is delivered in English.

  Besides my endeavors to solidify academic knowledge, I have thrown myself into a stream of research projects. Among those examples I could cite would be my experience in carrying out the national-level undergraduate innovation training programme titled Fire Protection Regulations of Villages of the Miao Nationality-a Case Study about Xijiang Village Leishan County Guizhou Province. Starting from conducting investigations and interviewing residents in that village, our team collected plentiful data, and studied the pros and cons of current regulations. After consulting professional literatures and seeking advices from scholars& experts, we proposed our suggestions about improving current regulations to better protect villagers’ lives and properties. In recognition of the practical value of our research, our project was awarded as the Excellent Project, and our research paper will soon be published in the 2nd Issue of Journal of Original Ecological National Culture. By undertaking those researches, for one thing, I have largely broadened my intellectual horizon; for another, I enhanced my skills in data collection, analysis and interpretation of results to conduct productive researches, which, in my opinion, will

  pave the way for my following postgraduate study.

  With a view to gaining valuable job skills, I once served as an assistant in the Legal Service Center of university, and assisted to provide voluntary legal aid to social vulnerable groups covering the issues like questions answering, legal instruments writing, lawsuits agency, and etc. More than that, I have managed to work in Liangshan Intermediate People’s Court. During the process, I involved myself in legal instruments management, court records keeping and execution of cases. By doing so, I got a glimpse of the overall process in handling China’s legal disputes from organization appellate records to initiate prosecutions, and through to the execution of cases. Valuable practical experiences not only enhanced my logical& analytical thinking skills, but granted me personal experience about tackling economic and civil disputes. More importantly, I was allowed to closely contact with high-caliber legal professionals, and their impressive professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication moved me deeply, which reinforced my determination to pursue a career in the legal profession as my lifelong commitment, and inspired me to work harder and harder to grow into a capable legal practitioner just like them.

  As a top law school with time-honored reputation for nurturing first-class legal practitioners, the School of Transnational Law, Peking University has been appealing to me ever since. With courses delivered by highly qualified academics rich in research and applied experience, your school will provide a well-balanced, highly informed and supportive environment to endow me with seasoned knowledge and intellectual base necessary for working at the forefront of the judicial circles. Furthermore, your esteemed university enjoys a robust global network of alumni, and will enable me to interact with like-minded peers hailing from around the world to appreciate various thinking modes and establish my stimulating business networks, which, I think, will be a major plus for my future career development. In the future, armed with solid academic foundations about China’s legal system and international law as well as an international perspective, I expect to grow into an eligible lawyer and devote myself to settling disputes for clients from across the globe. Further study in your university will add wings to the realization of my career goal, and I sincerely look forward to commencing the next stage of my educational journey in your superior and inspiring environment.

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