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  In the days when a woman's entire obligation was to be a good daughter, a good wife and a good mother, men and women were far from equal. Women suffered sexual discrimination until the so-called feminism came into being. Nowadays, feminism has been running for over a century. Result? It ran into the extreme of "equality" from my perspective.

  Most of us agree that men and women should enjoy equality in this modern society. But what on earth does this equality mean? To be "equal", those for feminism would like to share everything with men they split bills, apply for masculine jobs,etc. They intended to buy in all the advantages and disadvantages of being a man. On their long journey to the "equal world",they've forgotten some basic facts they ARE women. Even school children know that women, after all, are different from men both physically and mentally. It is unwise, or even stupid,to ignore all these differences and pursue a so called "equal world". We couldn't expect a man to give birth to a baby as we couldn't expect the sun to rise in the west. Likewise, we couldn't expect a woman to become the world's fastest runner,as is simple, but seems forgotten by those feminists.

  Equality is not bisecting everything. Real equality should be built upon the common sense of the basic sexual differences.Since some of the jobs can only be done well enough by men,women should not feel discriminated when we fail. After all,there're also some jobs, which can only be perfectly done with women's hands. These are not symbols of inequality, but natural laws. What really counts is equality in rights, reputation,etc. Only when all the individuals value the spirit of being equal can women really enjoy equality with men.

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  文章观点比较独特,向进行了一个多世纪的女权运动提出了质疑。开篇亮出了观点,明确表态。“Nowadays,feminism has been running for over a century.Result?It ran into the extreme of‘equality' from my perspective.”在第二段写到女权运动在现今社会的产物,进一步指出,“It is unwise,or even stupid,to ignore a11 these differences and pursue a so-called ‘equal world~”,并且附加了两个简洁有力的事实例证,加强这一论述观点。到此为止,文章的论述都是有条有理的,但文章接下来就急于结尾了,而对于什么是真正的平等,和如何促成平等的实现,几乎是一语带过,只写到,“What really counts is equality in rights,reputation,etc.”没有展开任何的论述,感觉是指出了问题,却没找到真正的方向,最后一段的论述空洞,没有说服力,让人觉得虎头蛇尾,实在可惜。

  文章中的关联词使用得不多,从语言表述方面也还不够成熟。英语语言是一种“chain laneuaee”,而准确、恰当的关联词是语言学习是否步入一个成熟阶段的衡量指数,这也是该习作要注意提高的地方。



  For what purpose do you learn foreign languages? To students, foreign languages are their curriculums. To job hunters, foreign languages are the stepping stones to success. To applicants for admission to foreign schools, languages are indispensable. With the Reform and Open Policy carried out, foreign languages have played a more and more important role in today's society. Competence for languages is one of the basic qualifications.

  Furthermore, craze for language learning has been a social phenomenon. From children to senior citizens, everyone takes great pains. But think it over for what purpose are you learning the language? Only for occupations? For examinations? Language learning has been too utilitarian.

  A rather queer phenomenon emerges from society that one can speak English or other languages so fluently but is not able to recite one of famous Tang poems. Many people, especially the young, try hard to master the foreign language but neglect the study of their own mother tongue. An advertisement of dairy products has caused my curiosity. The protagonist of the ad was a little girl aged only four. What astonished the spectators was that the girl could speak three different languages, English, Japanese and French. WHAT AGENIUS! She is by no means inferior to other child prodigies. The advertiser took advantage of this amazing fact to exaggerate the effects of the products. Nevertheless, for what purpose does the girl spare no efforts to master the three languages? Even to an adult, it is a difficult task.She must have lost the fun playing with her peers. She must have been for hours at end reciting the same word under the supervision of her parents. She must have been wondering why she should make such sacrifice. It is her parents who force her to learn in order to stand above. They might have been influenced by the idea that the earlier one child starts to learn the language,the easier he will master it. This is not unique, but comes in pairs. The age of the learners has been younger and younger.But educators have found that learning languages too early will affect the development of child's linguistic competence. The probable result is that the child might be Jack of all trades but master of none or, even worse, she might be unable to express

  herself in her mother tongue .

  It should be lamentable if Chinese tradition culture should be discarded and forgot. Maybe it is just an unwarranted anxiety or groundless fear. But one shouldn't forget his roots no matter when and where he is.

  From my point of view, people have lost themselves in language learning. It is like killing the goose for eggs. One of the aims of learning is to gain a further insight into other different countries, to acquire oneself with the cultures and customs, not just to master the language. The process of learning is a treasure house. It is like an exploration of a new continent.

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  Recent years see more girl students on the campus than boys, and girls perform as excellently as boys. Some are even superior and receive more praises and honors. Indeed, girls are equal to boys.

  However, when they are getting out of the pure schoolyard and venture into the complicated society, they find themselves faced with many things different. Among them is sexism at work.

  It begins with the job interview. Though females have made full preparation to cope with the situation, blatant sexism in the selection of staff will make it tough for them to please the inter viewer and render him to nod. More vacancies are open only to males. Sometimes, females will be rejected just because of their sex.

  When females are lucky enough to be employed by a company, don't you assume that they are regarded as equal to males. I confess that the work they do is equal, however, disappointing ly, the pay is not. Women may do no less work but earn much less than men. To make matters worse, they're confronted with great possibility to be fired due to their marriage and pregnancy.Natural features appear to be a burden on women. Besides,women also hold less hope to be promoted. Once women in office may do trivial work such as typing and stenography while nowadays quite a large number of women are qualified for major task and ready for heavy responsibility. Unfortunately, they will barely have chances to display their talent. Eventually, only a few women succeed in winning high positions as well as high salaries. Common situation is that women are reduced to low positions and thus paid "accordingly".

  In a society where human rights are strongly emphasized,it's terrible to see sexism demonstrated in almost every aspect of human life. All in all, equality between sexes is badly urged.Everybody, especially the victim of sexism at work, is looking forward to being treated equally.

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