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  I like blue, but I dress myself in green, red and yellow;I like tea, but I drink milk, coffee and orange juice as well.

  I have friends, and I prefer friends of all types to friends of the same kind. In my opinion, one can benefit from various sorts of friends in three aspects.

  First, when you are in trouble, you can get help in time from friends. For one thing, the substantial help. It would be a shock when the teacher assigned you to take charge of the web site of class when you knew nothing about Internet. Then God endowed you with a friend at hand, a computer expert who proficiently cured your headache with a few gentle clicks on the screen. You must be thankful for such a granting. For another,a kind of enlightenment. When going through the Marxist philosophy yesterday, I was confused by the statement "negate the negation." Poor in philosophical thinking, I turned to a friend majoring in law. She didn't quite understand it either, but she had been taught that criminal sanction was negating the negation of crime. Just as a sparkle, this simple remark burned away all the chaos in my head and made clear the definition. A miracle,isn't it?

  Second, various friends lead you to different inspiration,and allow you to experience different fun. One day, unusually, I skipped my lunch and just took an apple to console my stomach.My classmate, the future journalist, shouted out, "What a piece of news! You are also dieting?" Then the future advertising expert said, "How creative! How did you get such an idea?" In fact, the most creative award should go to the girl who majors in Chinese language, "With the fragrance winding about your fingers, I can see that an apple just kissed your lips."

  The third point may not be widely applicable. In fact, to make a variety of friends is an requirement of my major, journalism. My honorable professor stated this straightforward, "Journalists live on news resources. The most convenient resource is your friends. So I strongly suggest that those who don't want to starve to death learn some psychology, practice your communication skills and make friends with people in as many fields as possible !"

  This may sound too radical but I still think a diversity of friends are more favorable, bringing you help, fun and experiences and keeping you free from the dull monologue of people of similar characters. Just as various kinds of nutriments keep you healthy, various kinds of friends keep you lively.

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  When we were celebrating our mid autumn festival, across the ocean, the relatives of the victims of the 9. 11 tragedy were holding each other, crying, blessing for their love and all the survivors. It's not only a tragedy for American people, but also for the global community.

  The event of September 11th, 2001 continues to change the world in ways we have to experience or comprehend. Every disaster can awaken some spirit, and this time it aroused the deepest echo from people's hearts. The calling can be heard from the ruin for the millions who bear witness to their memory.

  Never can be another time that heroes are so demanded.Seeing the collapse of the WTC, many people just stood in shock, crying in fears. The black smoke rising against the blue sky covered the sun over the people, and tore up the faith down in their hearts as well. Man is supported by the courage to carry on. It is obvious that the heroes in the calamity, dying just doing what they do, rebuild the dignity on the severely wounded ones.Everyone remembers the firemen dashing up the stairs while there are loads of people running down the stairs in the WTC.Also on Flight 93, 40 people, not even knowing one another's name, came together to help protect the country. The whole nation memorizes all those sacrificed; regard them as the heroes,no matter what they have contributed. As their tiny deeds to gether let the nation see signs to recover, to go through the very hard time. Now everyone's life is surrounded by the heroes and new heroes are being born out of the tragedy...

  One of the most touching story in the devastating time was that one husband sent a sms, just saying "I love you", to his dear one on the crashing plane. It echoed in everyone's emotion senses. Love is the greatest gift that God gave us. It can really help to heal man's wound. Couples, friends, all went out, wandering together in the dawn, seeing the sun set for the first time in their ages. Without their jobs, they came to realize the meaning of peaceful life and learn what they need most was the love from the people around them. We learn to appreciate others' love and sending ours in return. Thank God we have some ones to love. Thank God the disaster calls us up for the meaning of love.

  Another word most frequently used after that September day is "united". Regardless of races, all were collecting, standing in lines to give their blood, holding hands when making prayers. Strangers no longer were cold. They began to talk and might become friends. The distance between people seems to be shortened. If you call it magic, it does happen! The circle of our life cannot still be fixed in the certain area any more. The community is made up of every person living in it;no one alone

  should stand for the collectivity. It's high time to be united to rebuild their homeland.

  Facing the ruin of the WTC, I hear the calling telling me what really matters. Looking up to heaven, I seem to get some kind of answers.

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  One whole semester has passed since my friends and I packed up our own packages and headed for different dreams last summer. Now summer has come the same way as it's always been, with the same tormenting examination but we, a group of friends who shared the same experiences, interests, joys and pains, are no longer the same. Never will I forget those good old days the crowds of guys rushing to the snack bar, devouring the delicacies while all crying to pay; their touching smile in the glow of the setting sun when we took our routine walk; the whisper and snicker of us when talking about the girls in our class but I am not so desperately longing to meet them as months ago, simply because we all have CHANGED. No longer can I find the once familiar topics, behavior, hobbies and everything in my memory about them, so no longer can I find my once dear friends.

  Friends are more than several passionate souls staying close,doing things jointly and sharing common viewpoints. They must be genuine and unselfish towards each other.

  Can we be genuine and faithful to friends who are not like us? I don't think so. I don't know what to talk about with them. When we start a conversation, which is destined to be a painful one, we all have to disguise our true selves as seemingly similar ones, so as to carry on with the topic that interests none of us. One or two conversations like this are acceptable, but no

  Perhaps, some people prefer friends who are sharply different from themselves to feel different attitudes towards life. But I am not the kind of person who would feel at ease with anyone or who could not wait a minute to inform others what he did just a second ago. I dream of friends who can share their lives with me and talk with me about the true meanings of life. I dream of friendships where no uneasiness ever exists, no betrayal ever happens.

  Making friends, in some sense, resembles enjoying music. I never choose bright music whenever I am blue, because the sentimental melody soothes my tense nerve and assures me that I am understood and cared and not alone in this toughest time, and because I will feel strengthened when someone can grieve at my grief.

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