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  学英语的意义 The Meaning of Learning English

  There is no doubt that English is the most widely used language. In China, students have to learn it since they enter the primary school, even in some families, parents will hire tutors to help improve their children’s English level. The meaning of learning English is obvious.


  First, we need to keep pace with the time. When everybody is speaking English, if we don’t follow them, then we will be kicked out. Today, the world is globalized, people seek for cooperation, especially for the business. Mastering the English provides people chances to do the business and enlarge their business.


  Second, English as the common language provides people the stage to understand each other. When I travel abroad, I like to talk to the local people. No matter which country I go, everybody admits to communicate in English. We learn each other’s culture and talk happily. As I master English, I can go anywhere, communication is not the problem to stop me.


  As English is so important and practical, we should learn as much as we could, so as to make better preparation for our future.


  最好的对手 The Best Rival

  Super Dan and his lifetime rival Lee Chongwei met in the olympic games again. They had been in the same situation twice and Super Dan won at last. Everybody kept their eyes on this big match, but this time, Lee defeated Lin Dan and all the people gave them their biggest applause.


  Lin Dan is the superstar in badminton, so as Lee. They are the best two badminton players all the time. When they met in the final match, the competition would be very intense. Lin Dan won the championship in the grand slam, while Lee only defeated Lin in the small game. Lee always lack of a grand slam to prove himself.


  In 2012, Lin Dan still defeated Lee and won the championship in London Olympic Games. Lee was very disappointed but he decided to insist. Now both of them are not young anymore, and they met in the Rio olympic games. Lee defeated his lifetime rival Lin. No matter which won, everybody did not care about the result, they just enjoyed the big match.


  Lin and Lee are best rivals, and they get improved by competing with each other. They deserve the biggest applause.


  美的定义 The Definition of Beauty

  Every year, there are different kinds of beauty pageants and the champions will be definitely the shinning stars. However, as time past, people have seen so many beauties and they start to have higher expectation. Beauty pageant is no longer the big event, and the audience laugh at the result and are picky about these champions. The real beauty should not be defined by appearance.


  Recently, a beauty pageant was held in Michigan, America. The girl who was born in China won the champion and became Miss Michigan. It sounded like a great trip for her, but people were critical about her appearance. They said that she was so ugly. However, if the audience had seen the competition, they must appreciate her, because she was very smart and elegant, which made her the shinning star.


  The definition of beauty is no longer judged from appearance, and only the charm from inside can make a girl be attractive. Of course, wisdom is also in need, which makes a pretty face stand out, or people will forget it easily.








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